Kundalini Sol

The Araña Files

As the Bee's Swarm

Crow sits upon my shoulder and she whispers in my ear the time is now Spider weaves a web around my eyes guiding me inward as my entry unfolds Behold my naked soul as I stand shivering in the silence of the void where truth and wisdom lie The silence speaks volumes volumes of the soul and while it never »


Lyng in a soft cocoon of my inner realms safe and sound though often rocky navigating the bridge of sound Silence rules here miraculous worlds appear and disappear before my eye emptying sighs Love of »

As She Moves

I flow with the wind because I am that breeze I move with the trees because I feel them with the very roots of my being I chirp with the birds because I love all »


There is only one Self It is now there is only one truth in this moment The present moment Now Knocking down walls pulling down the wool over my eyes Now Watching all dreams sailing »