About the Author

My name is Elizabeth and I am a Kundalini awakened woman living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States with my husband and daughter. I was born with the Kundalini activated and had a lot of phenomenon and entity interaction as a child. By the time I reached adolescence much of this subsided but the kundalini continued in many other ways to get my attention. My close friends always mentioned the halo around my head or the peace felt when looking into my eyes or a feeling of safety when around me but I still did not know exactly what it was or why I was like this. I always knew it was divinity because I could always feel the energy and the bliss but there was just no information available to this american child in the society in which I was raised---so my early years centered around service to the church that my parents attended.
As I grew older the seeing spirits and non corporeal forms did not cease but only grew stronger. I was then initiated into the western Kabbalistic system in my early twenties and went up the rank and file rather quickly. As an inner order member I moved with my family from LA where I was also an active member of the music business leaving that life behind to follow my higher directives to move further up north. In 2005 a year and half after the birth of my daughter I had my first ‘spinal sweep’ which is the merging with the divine kundalini out of my crown chakra. Another year later I painted a painting a day for 78 days. And then the written material came in 78 meditations. As I was finishing the work I realized that it was a tarot meditation deck only it was based on the GRA TREE of LIFE a much earlier kabbalistic tree that I had not studied. I showed it to the Temple leader in LA and she was astounded that it was in fact what they had just changed to and was what they would be teaching going forward. I donated the deck to them and it is still the main deck that they use. Humanity Unveiled is the title of the deck and Cor Lucis (Heart of Light) is the LA Temple. My Kundalini downloaded these paintings and the written material to me and it was accurate when I should not have known how to accomplish this. It has strengthened my Kundalini—forms of upgrades to my system and my healing work has grown exponentially.
I would like to say a portion about Arana, which is the name I have come to know my Kundalini by in the most recent years. It started a couple of years ago as my kundalini was growing stronger within me I had a waking vision and in the vision there was a large group of people in a circle in what looked like the Amazon. I walked away from the circle and came to a twenty or so foot wall of vines. All of a sudden a large hairy black thing jumped twenty feet at me and attached to my right hand. My first response was that of fear and I tried to shake her off and then even tried to hit her against something to dislodge her. As I looked down at this rather large Amazonian Jumping Spider, her two fangs came out and she sunk them into my finger. That was the end of the vision but shortly after that she would come to me in dreams and she would come in many more visions of the Amazon and the healing plants there. She began to teach me about the plants and their healing properties. She would also take me to the forest to merge with the plants. It was a year after the first vision that I was led to go to Peru in the physical body with a group of Kundalini people to partake in Ayahuasca and San Pedro medicines with the Shaman of Peru. This page includes those visions and the Ayahuasca and other ceremonies that we were a part of and how that has further affected and strengthened my personal equation. I did not however go to the Amazon or partake of any plant medicines in order to further my Kundalini as I am already awakened but was following a direction by my Kundalini to receive upgrades and healing in this format. I think it is important for people to understand that this is not to be used as just a fast track to the Kundalini, but can be used for specific ailments and blockages,expansions, entity attachments etc. And yes the Kundalini can do these things without the use if the medicines but the plant medicines will work with the Kundalini for the individual if this format is needed or conducive to the person. We also most recently went to another series of ceremonies in Bend Oregon area with the Shaman of Camino do Amor and the healing upgrades are continuing and strengthening. Three of us were instructed by our Kundalini to form a healing group titled “Trinity” healings and have been doing three times a week healings for advanced cases of entity possession and some other points of focus.
I am now receiving constant streaming communication with my Kundalini and with it downloads of information continue. I have been guided by my Kundalini to create this page in efforts to help anyone going through these stages of activation or awakening to give some insight into their own equation. The spiritual evolution of the planet is changing rapidly and we as Kundalini people have a huge role to play in the divine assistance that is being given.