Arana on Spinal Sweeps

Arana on Spinal sweeps

On what are regarded here as spinal sweeps: Are an integration and infusion of the divine currents throughout and upon the human form and radiating inward and outward into infinity. The divine fluid consciousness at the base of the spine is woken up and released as it travels up the spine via the alternating channels, within the main channel or nadi. At each juncture the energy is lit up and expanded and before surging into the next and the next in a grand infusion of the human body with the divine conscious energies. All the bodies of expression of the individual are affected. Not just the physical but all layers of existence and beyond are brought into play as the divine rushes in and bathes the individual in the healing grace of the divine. The current vibration is carried throughout the body on a cellular level, and throughout thousands of energy accumulations or Chakras. The nervous system itself of course is highly altered in its energetic anatomy. As the energy rushes and intensifies from one of the main energy centers to the next up the spine, they will seem to stretch and expand. Vibrations throughout the body will be strong and also rushing upwards, even from the legs and arms in some. Of the nadis alone there are millions that are affected. There is nothing in the human system that is not affected by the divine current, nerves, vessels, nodes, chakras, everything within and without the gross body are affected at this time. The individual may seem to lose consciousness or have any myriad of brain or physical related reactions depending on their karmic equation.
The infusion of the divine energy then reaches its climax at the top of the head and explodes out and around the body and auric and etheric and all fields of the individual. The two currents of the divine male and female have now married and the procession is grand! But never exactly the same for any one individual. They will be as different as the infinite possibilities of the divine mother. They will not be explained solely in words if at all and yet the person will have this merging to bask in again and again throughout their humanly existence. From this moment on as their lives begin to change and expand with the divine agenda will they be forever changed, linked to and blessed by the divine…..AUM AUM AUM Touched by the Divine AUM AUM AUM

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Elizabeth Daulton Gonzalez is a Kundalini Awakened woman living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She has come to know and identify with her Kundalini Divine Self, as Araña, the Spider. Read more posts by Elizabeth.