Ayahuasca Ceremony #2 in Peru

I am being guided to write about my second Ayahuasca Peru Ceremony today. The second ceremony was for me ten times stronger than the first. It came on with just huge physical phenomenon as well as visual. The energy was so intense and the visions were very bright, florescent colors and movement. The first thing that came to me was my Amazonian spider that I had been having waking visions of leading up to the journey to Peru. She was huge in size and came right up in my face. She told me that she was my real mother and she said, "Come back to me". She took me down to her nest, inside of her web which became the whole room. She placed me with all of her other babies. She told me she had sent me out into the world, but now she was bringing me back. I will forever be Arachnid. I would be forever in their family, I will be forever whole. She also told me that Spiders are here to help not harm the human race and that they love us. They also love to be sung to, especially when we are trying to get them to leave a place or place them back into nature. The visions continued very strong and at one point I even remember wanting it to stop. Then finally the older spiders still dancing in front of me started to dissipate a little. My body went into physical Kriyas of the Spider. Over and over again in silence she taught me how to spin my webs of healing. My arms and hands seemed to take on furry extended legs that wiggled and spun rainbow webs of protection and healing about the room. I could see them so clearly and I wondered if anyone else could see them? She had me weave over Alonso and his family, over his wife and child so that the Angels that had been called could do their work. Dancing spiders in rainbow colors were everywhere. She also told me that I will never lose my sight or ability to see visions. She had me protect and send energy to Chrism because his energy was quickly being depleted from helping so many others. She had me sending continuously for the remainder of the ceremony. She had me spin webs of protection around the room while Chrism could not. I purged several times in one session during this ceremony and it felt like it came from very deep within me, bringing up a lot of pain and hurt from my childhood traumas. I also cried a lot in this ceremony, a lot of deep heaving and sobbing but it felt really good. I felt like I also received a huge healing. In the giving, much was received. A huge blessing in this very intense and difficult ceremony #2. The next morning Chrism came and told me that there were several venomous spiders that were around the cushions that he and I had sat in the night before. La Arania, my spider mother whispered in my ear that they were there for my homecoming so I went to assist in seeing them out of the room but said nothing. I felt it was a message for me.

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Elizabeth Daulton Gonzalez is a Kundalini Awakened woman living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She has come to know and identify with her Kundalini Divine Self, as Araña, the Spider. Read more posts by Elizabeth.