Ayahuasca - First Ceremony

I am back at the beginning, going over my journal from the trip.
The Great Mother embraced me and I was given a cleansing-emotional Kriyas. Lots of tears flowing-letting the pain in my heart go. She said at one point "my beautiful child, I did not know that you felt this way". ? She had me repeat a mantra over and over "I am a beautiful child of God". I felt held in her embrace, in the embrace of the divine. So much love heart emoticon. Then I began to see patterns-holograms, dimensional rifs? They went off of each other at different angles. Things swirling, you could see the lines and breaks. Suddenly I was in a different room, there were huge pillars, Giants and lots of people there. When people in this physical reality moved their faces took on the look of an alien race. Ancient. Their movements slow and quite profound. In the dimensions there were so many colors, psychedelic.

Then she had me choose a direction and down a tunnel I went. In that place she took me she told me we're all the animals I have ever helped that have passed on. They surrounded me with love, with gratitude. There were beings there with happy little women's faces with a Sun around their heads and snake like bodies.

Then back to this reality, the man next to me from the village was putting scents in the air and in my face. A very pungent liquid? It began to irritate me and I felt angry and intolerant. I went outside and the guide talked me through it, under the beautiful Moon. We cried together and embraced as she helped me let my anger go and I went back in to the room to sit again in the overwhelming scents and trust the great mother. Something miraculous began to happen. I heard "so you don't want to stay in this place if anger?" I felt a tinge in my heart and I began to sway to the music. The scents no longer bothered me and I opened my mouth and began to sing with the man! We sang in both Spanish and English, together in harmony and then we both began to whistle softly together. A birds song. I felt in that moment that he was teaching me the soft language of the birds. We were at once Bird people, singing the language of the birds.

When he became scared when some of the other K people started having Physical Kriyas of the snake and the Jaguar. I felt the great mother comforting him through me. My hands formed Mudras in the air in front of me. She had me also blowing a soothing healing energy around him and he settle once again and we sang through the rest of the ceremony together.

At the very end of the ceremony I saw the Virgin Mary standing in prayer position in the background. Very serenely with her head slightly downward. All was calm, all was love, all was divine

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Elizabeth Daulton Gonzalez is a Kundalini Awakened woman living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She has come to know and identify with her Kundalini Divine Self, as Araña, the Spider. Read more posts by Elizabeth.