Ceremony #3

I seem to be posting these out of order and will go back to the first later but for today it is No.3
Heart Work-Heart expansion. All night from the very beginning of the ceremony healing was taking place. In my head and in my heart and in my back near the heart Chakra. In my Crown-lots of work going on. I could feel my heart expanding all evening. I could feel something happening in the left front side of my head. I felt a tactile pull in the middle of my back at first it felt like a hand gently there gently placed, then added more pressure. Then a pull and what felt like a bone coming out of the middle of my back, pointy. I felt the pull as it was also gently removed. Then I began to think about my family, my beautiful daughter and my husband. Then I suddenly began to think about my parents, my mother who had been in ill health before I left with her heart. An over whelming feeling of divine love expanding in my heart. I felt her soul as though she had passed and an overwhelming sense of grief and loss came over me. I cried out loud that she had passed, that she was gone. I cried and cried deeply from the depths of my being. Magdellyn held me and I just lost it. I cried as I let go of the attachment to my physical mother. Chrism also comforted me and told me that she had not actually passed that she was still here-a fear test to lesson my attachments. I felt such a sense of relief but I also felt gratitude that I had been able to grasp it and deal with it with the embrace of the divine mother and my teacher and friends it felt ok in the moment. Something that needs to happen with all of us. I felt so much gratitude for life, for love so much so that my heart kept expanding. The bliss and devotion to the great mother was so strong. Palpable. She had me spin some more webs of love high above the room and send a wave of comfort and healing to the sick and the suffering. Brooke, Chrism, Magdelyn and I who were sitting close there bonded together in love. I was merged with everything and everyone. More so than any spinal sweep I have had. I felt such immense love for my K family, and my family at home. And for my spider family that by now had re-materialized and were standing guard at the top of the room. La Arania came forward and she blessed me, she had never been away, just in the background. Then the Lion from my childhood was there. Oh I loved him and stroked his mane over and over. Scenes from my childhood Kundalini activity played in front of me. The preciousness of life was so present. The lesson was of life and death and the cycles of re-birth that we all must go through. In the moments when I thought that my physical mother had passed I was deeply moved and felt her within me. and I was actualy ok even though the grief was huge. I could feel that I must go on and that my daughter would go on after me and a sense of deep peace came over me. Feeling so grateful! For every breath, for every friend, for every moment,
for my teacher and for all of you

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Elizabeth Daulton Gonzalez is a Kundalini Awakened woman living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She has come to know and identify with her Kundalini Divine Self, as Araña, the Spider. Read more posts by Elizabeth.