Fourth Ceremony and subsequent Downloads

I forgot about in the fourth ceremony just like on the night when La Arania came and I was given a message the night before or the day before the ceremony that “the spiders are coming”.
Before the fourth ceremony I was given the message,“the greening is coming” .

I assumed that it meant, the plants, life, green outer earthly things, but after the ceremony and during the ceremony I became aware of the fact that it had nothing to do with that and everything to do with my Heart and the Heart Chakra. The greening in the fourth ceremony took place within my heart. That is hugely important because not only did it happen within me which seemingly everything does with the Ayahuasca but also to not realize that the Universe and the actual greening occurs inside of us, inside of our hearts, inside of our souls and then permeates outward and represents itself and then presents itself in a physical manner is to ignore the divine plan within us, the divine within and without.

After the ceremony and in the weeks of processing that has followed, a lot more information has been downloaded to me about this “greening”. The following are separate but inclusive sessions that have been since given.

Everything that happens outside of ourselves is a reflection of what's going on within ourselves. What is within us has everything to do with what we feel and what we see and what we experience outside of ourselves.

Everything within our hearts is teaming with life, surging with love, with unconditional love and when we spend our time in the outer world, dealing with such anger and negative emotions and mental things and just spinning our wheels mentally we block and actually keep ourselves from letting that love that is within our hearts, that unconditional divine love from flowing out into the world to all of those that we love or those that we think we hate or we think we have negative emotions towards or that we are angry with or we think we can’t forgive or we cannot tolerate , none of that is real.

And if we can just forgive and show gratitude and follow the Safeties in our outer life, we don’t realize that that is what frees us up to be able to access the unconditional flow of divine love that is sitting there just waiting to explode out into the world and that we’re blocking that and we don’t realize that we are the ones that are blocking that; we’re blocking it from helping others, we’re blocking it from helping ourselves We’re the ones keeping ourselves from letting our hearts and the divine within that heart forgive and embrace us and embrace others and just allow us when we think others are doing something against us or doing something to us, none of that matters...if we just can just get out of our heads and back into our hearts and let that flow.

If we see something that angers us or we feel something that frightens us or we come up against something that we feel like we just can’t get past. Give ourselves divine access to our own hearts, to our own power. Power not meaning ego, power meaning love. Tap into that, give that. Get out of the way, and just let it flow…

Stop letting our ego’s choose what we think and what we feel. On a daily, on a minute by minute basis. What if we do that, what if we stop letting our ego’s choose for us how to feel, how to think, how to breathe, how about that…

So when we feel like we can’t forgive someone who has wronged us, or we can’t forgive ourselves or we can’t trust someone or we’re afraid of something. What if we were to look within our own hearts to look at that greening to look at that divine greening universe that is exploding within us and ask these questions . Why can’t I see where this person who has potentially wronged me is coming from within that greening love that comes from within our hearts. Why can’t we forgive ourselves, forgive other people, see from their point of view from within our own universe within our hearts, what if we start to see that from that perspective. It makes it so much easier to say the divine is creating everything from within this divine internal universe so what could there possibly be created from within the divine greening right here that could not be unconditionally forgiven and renewed and re-created and awakened and realized and forgiven?

The answer I think would have to be nothing there would be nothing that could not be renewed and made whole and made perfect there. And so then if we could do that in that space why couldn’t we take that out of that space and have that wholeness be everywhere and everything outside of ourselves and look into that person or person’s eyes and start to see them for who they truly are, an integral and necessary part of our greening and our purpose and our reason for being here and then forgive and be grateful…

And this must extend to all humanity and all life not just people. Insects, animals, plants, cells, every living organism and thing which is everything and needs to expand to all of that in order for it to be the whole of everything that is created and contained and realized within the divine.

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Elizabeth Daulton Gonzalez is a Kundalini Awakened woman living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She has come to know and identify with her Kundalini Divine Self, as Araña, the Spider. Read more posts by Elizabeth.