Go to the Water and be Blessed

La Arana asked me the other night in my thoughts
When was the last time that you were truly happy?
She seems to want me to contemplate this one and
Meditate on it before posting to the groups it seems

I need to trust more I think
La Arana, the divine within me
I need to fully surrender
And trust, more.

How can I be truly happy if I do not
Trust the divine within my heart?
These are things I need to continue
To ponder.

I honestly am not sure of the answer to this question
When was the last time I was truly happy
Without fear or anger or judgement
Free from all of this
These have been staples in my life.

Happy with my job?
Happy with my family
Happy with my parents
Happy with my friends
My circumstances
No to all of the above

Yes I am happy to be alive
Yes I am happy to have a house
Yes I am grateful for all that I have
Yes I am blessed to have a family
And blessed to have my parents still alive
Blessed to have a job
But am I truly happy???

After a good night’s sleep I am still
Struggling with an answer to this;

I feel like I need to get out in nature
this spring and summer
And reconnect with the divine
Within and without

That is where I find my strength
That is where I find my joy

Trust the divine mother
Surrender and trust
Go to the water
And be blessed

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Daulton Gonzalez is a Kundalini Awakened woman living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She has come to know and identify with her Kundalini Divine Self, as Araña, the Spider. Read more posts by Elizabeth.