Hawaiian Ayahuasca

The Hawaiian Ayahuasca Chicruna is very strong, intense and the fluid is very thick like syrup dark like the color of Molasses. It sticks to the inside of the cup and the inside of the mouth, throat and tongue. It is extremely bitter and a little sweet at the same time. Much different consistency than the Peruvian and way way stronger in its effects this Hawaiian one.

Ceremony One

Golden Beetle

Hole in the Hand-on the drive up I was playing a music CD of other languages Arabic and other languages but the chorus of one of the songs the women sounded like she was saying Hole in the Hand, you have a hole in the hand. During the first ceremony I heard and felt the exact same hole in the hand theme. It was connected to healing with the hands that I have always done but the Hole in both hands makes the energy flow through that much stronger for the healing. I was told it is only to be used for service to others, to myself in service to the Kundalini.

Ceremony Two

First half right before operation started
Golden Old cross with a clear golden Topaz in the Center. Huge stone very clear color

Followed and bitten by a Yellow snake in a yellow field of wheat

The Universe was altered and the sky changed. The Stars were Triangles and there was a swirling pattern on the sky of different lights. I had the thought it could have been the bottom of a spaceship not human. Outside the windows there were Alien tropical looking huge plants

Taken within a massive force of energy and basically just taken along for a ride of color and Holograms within Holograms and psychedelic everything for a very very long long intense period oh my Gosh. I had to breathe all through this period with a very strong intent and slow down the breathe and breathe deeply into each wave as it would continue. It never peaked it was the peak within the peak-it never leveled off at all for even a moment and the intensity kept strong and steady and kept me just at the brink of completely losing it. I remember surrendering over and over again and again Praying for it to stop but thanking it for what it was giving me at the same time.

Third Ceremony

The greening wall-it was moving and growing then finally putrefaction then starting all over again.

The Praying Mantis attached to the outside of the left window.

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