Leave Your Egos at the Altar of the Divine

Not to be obliterated, not to be removed but instead to be changed forever…

You can choose to swim with the current of the divine waters
Called the rivers of grace
Or you can choose to go against the current
And get slapped in the face wave after wave
It is your choice in that regard to some extent
But do not try and manipulate the flow of water
Do not make that mistake
You can choose also to grow wings and fly
If you are so graced
Or you can plummet down to the earth
By your own design, The Kundalini will let you make these mistakes
Until you get it right. Lifetime after lifetime
And When you fully surrender to the divine
And leave your ego at the door
The divine will bathe you with the divine light
The Grace that is your God given right
That which is yours and hers
And you will indeed take wings and fly, ego and all. Only it will be the ego of a Saint, the actions of love and the service to God and not to self and that is how you will know me and I you
And you and I, we know each other well
So leave your egos at the altar of the divine

And truly merge with your God given grace
And use it for the purpose it was meant to serve, not yourselves but
For others, not for gain but for release from these worldly chains
So that you can return home unfettered by the karma of past deeds
And instead reap the rewards of heaven that is your divine right
There is something though here to be said now about sincerity, for your surrender must
Not only be complete. but sincere. The Kundalini knows you better than you know yourselves and you can not fool the divine
This world is but an illusion but it serves a purpose as well. and to seek gains
With any kind of arrogance and to seek position against the natural flow without gratitude and truthfulness will only bring with it more karma
That you will pay dearly for in the end, make no mistake
When the flow of the Universe is finally with you
There is no need to fight, for it will come to you unfettered, easily without restraints or obstacles to speak of. There is no jockeying for anything and if your mission is truth and your path is clear you have no worries. Of course there will still be struggles and lessons, that is why you are all here and for that which you need to accomplish there may need to be for your soul’s growth, but the divine will be at your back, breathing you forward, if you only listen. Humble as you go dearest children, tread lightly and softly
Eventually your path will open to you and the river will take you in.
So don’t despair for some of it is predestined and your obstacles will be removed when and if they should be, as they should be according to your own karmic load.
And then the mountains you climb will be for something and for the betterment of mankind as well as for your own soul growth.
And may you shine like the angels of love that you are. So leave your egos at the door and enter into your divine grace for it is brighter than you will ever know and you do not need to worry about that it is predestined, preordained. The divine knows how it has chosen to write this and there will be no mistakes on that. Choose wisely your footsteps and be truth and live truth and choose truth and show them who you are by showing what you are given as well as what you're purified ego wants to give, the two that are one. Be sure and be clear in that and the rivers of grace will continue to flow forever with you and for you throughout eternity.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Daulton Gonzalez is a Kundalini Awakened woman living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She has come to know and identify with her Kundalini Divine Self, as Araña, the Spider. Read more posts by Elizabeth.