Silence of the Heart

My heart breaks
with the stars of a thousand suns
my heart aches
for the life that I thought was my own

I let go when all I want is to hold on
to everything I know
but alas it is gone
and my service is my home

I feel so alone
but that can never be undone
for I am all and I am nothing
what more can be done

I love
with a force that is all that there is
And I die daily
for it to become

Heart to heart
we are all one
as the dance of grace goes on
the silence has won

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Daulton Gonzalez is a Kundalini Awakened woman living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She has come to know and identify with her Kundalini Divine Self, as Araña, the Spider. Read more posts by Elizabeth.