Stop Putting Limits on Yourself

On what you think, on what you believe, on what you think you know to be true. On who you think you are or how you should be.

So many other realities exist, too many too realize. So many layers of existence. So Many life forms, creatures and scenarios, too many to count. Infinite possibilities all happening simultaneously. Even on this illusory planet in this physical plane, so many unknown, overlooked, unnoticed The oceans teeming with life and the infinite realms, oh the infinite realms. So many realities even from your narrow perspectives as life is and was created from them. What about the waters. How little you really know. Stop putting limits on yourself.
Non Humans, humans, corporeal, incorporeal they can not even begin to be counted. When you start to worry about your small status or fates try instead to begin to enlarge your thinking perspectives and include all the things that can not be known, can not be counted and you will no longer worry so much. Stop putting limits on what you think is real. Right In this moment all is perfect, all is God given, all is self and all is not self. The little things do not matter, the trillions upon trillions of millennium and the eternal vastness of God are not concerned with such trivial things.
Eternity is not concerned with such things- there is no such thing as time
The one million trillion other things that you think are happening every nano second also do not matter. Small worries of the ego mind do not matter in the least and they do not exist outside of your mind, you are creating them, you are all creating them and you all share the universal consciousness. Dreaming them into existence. Change your thoughts and your world instantly changes, your mind instantly changes, all that is true but more of you need to change your thinking.
With the kundalini you can begin to expand on this, expand your level of perceptions to include the myriad upon myriad of things and also nothing. Expand your consciousness-the kundalini is expanding your consciousness on so many levels but you have to start to embrace this and think outside of the box so to speak and stop putting limits on yourself. Always moving, changing and trying to see the bigger picture. Get out of your heads so much and start to see the much much greater picture that is happening on so many levels of consciousness. Feel the sounds, See the frequencies, Hear the colors, taste the colors, smell the colors and sing with the wind, see the other dimensions like prisms. Look inside the mist. See what you have not dared to see, to feel before. Let the kundalini expand you, grow you in conscious awareness. All around you and inside of you, go through those doors now and begin to push those limits that you think are there. Who you think you are. Stop thinking so much, stop thinking of the trivial things. Learn from everything, every situation, every scenario. Stop destroying yourselves and start expanding yourselves in every moment. All of you, create with the Divine within you, and start to change this world...Stop putting limits on yourself with your limited thoughts, your fears and your judgements of yourself. Stop putting limits on everything and start seeing the beauty in everything and especially in nothing,,,

Afterwards as I got up and began to walk back to my room there were suddenly what looked like eyes, everywhere. Infinite eyes in every direction of the space around me. Multi directional seemingly unending in every direction. So I walked around the great room into where the kitchen in our house would be and they continued, not following me but I was “in” them. I could move through them but they were constant and did not move when I ran my arms through them for instance they were just part of the field of vision in every direction. So I did not try to figure out what they were or why they were or anything I just walked around in that for a while and then walked back down the hallway to our room and they were still there until I got back into bed and went back to sleep.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Daulton Gonzalez is a Kundalini Awakened woman living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She has come to know and identify with her Kundalini Divine Self, as Araña, the Spider. Read more posts by Elizabeth.