The Ebb & Flow of the Kundalini

The Ebb and Flow of the Kundalini

I am being led to write about this topic which I have been very intrigued by over the span of the last few years. It seems like the stronger the energy gets the more of a lag time there is in between. I have found that the quieter energy periods give me a chance to re-set and center myself deeper within my practice and meditation. Contemplation of self also plays a huge role during these down times where there is no visible phenomenon happening either physically or otherwise. Even the downloads of info seem to get less frequent if at all for some. Meditations may go silent and non visual, there may be no physical-anything. And then like the sine wave the energy goes back up and the ebb of the wave washes over me once again. Devotion for me deepens this flow and really can be accessed at any time even during the ebb or flow but just may come in a different way than I am used to perhaps.

Arana has a word about the ebb and flow~~~~~~~

The divine within you must return again and again to the source from which it came much as you do when you exit this plane at death. For renewal, for nourishment, it is the cyclical cycle of all things in the flow of the divine energy river of the Godhead. During the Ebb periods open yourself in these times for renewal, for nourishment and know that the divine within you is still busy doing things that you can not even fathom within you and now is a time to reflect on what has already come to pass. It is a way for you to “catch up” while you await the return of your beloved. Look ever to God even in what may seem like dark times and know that the trust you have accomplished with the divine mother must now be dusted off and used especially in the ebbing periods. Connect to that place of serenity within you during these times and just be there with yourself. Watching, observing, dwelling in and contemplating the lessons that have already come to pass so to better move forward and not make the same mistakes. Use this time to further yourself by immersing yourself in deep inner peace and bask in the love of the divine, soon she will return to you because she never really left. Ready to rise she greets the dawn!!!

During the Flow periods the lessons come fast and furious. Pay attention and be aware of all that you can in your inner and outer worlds. Communication may be at a high so write the dreams and the visions. Pay hyper attention to the signs and symbols in your waking life. Feel the sensations in your physical body and bask in the bliss that is given. Breathe in and out the divine in your every action and reaction with others. Serve serve serve the people and the planet. Teach, create, play, work, heal and learn learn learn! Face your fears and get out there where you are most needed. Make a difference in your world. Take this gift that you have been given and help anyone you can. Let the Kundalini help guide you to this. Pay attention to details, It is all in the details. AUM AUM AUM

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Elizabeth Daulton Gonzalez is a Kundalini Awakened woman living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She has come to know and identify with her Kundalini Divine Self, as Araña, the Spider. Read more posts by Elizabeth.