Time to Grow a Thicker Skin

When you start to spread the words of the Kundalini divine there comes with it a seeming deluge of jealousy and pettiness. It will come at you from all directions and can make your ego mind a little shaken to say the least. Energy forces that are against this information getting out into the general population for the betterment and spiritual evolution of the planet will create obstacles to be overcome and in many instances that your ego mind must ignore. Jealousy is insidious, it undermines the very things that love nurtures. It chips away at our basic foundations and makes us weak. Look closely at the definition of insidious. Proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects. It can create an endless cycle if not put a stop to. This is a wonderful way for the negative energies to try and sneak in and create havoc. So stop it in your self at all costs and ignore this behavior from others period. By now you know a lot about psychological projections-remember not to feed into them.

That being said, it is also very normal for the ego to want to stop its self, all by itself. By second guessing the kundalini and by creating things that are not necessarily there in order to maintain control. Make no mistake! The ego is not in control, it never has been, that is an illusion. Stop second guessing yourself when words are flowing to you that should be shared to help others. It is not about you, it never has been. All the little personality reactions from yourself and from others have little to do with what the divine is trying to achieve here. Again stop second guessing yourself and silence that naysaying part of the ego. You do not know who your kundalini’s words are trying to help or how much. And Oh the lengths the ego will go to trick us.

It is not important and you must keep on going, do not lose heart. Do not let your ego cause you to stop or take notice. It is time to grow a thicker skin and continue on your trajectory. You must shake it off and continue on. That is the most important thing to shake it off and continue on…make the mental ego corrections and move forward. This is not about you! I am speaking directly to the EGO here...

Your ego needs to be retrained to weather the storms and to not create any storms that are not necessarily happening the way your ego thinks they are happening and latches on to. When you are emotionally overly sensitive as the kundalini will make you, your ego’s automatically can jump to conclusions and endless chatter and emotions that are not important. Stop giving them power, Listen to me and do the work of the kundalini. It will not always go smoothly for your ego, that is too bad. You need to break old patterns of the mind. You are not the same anymore, I know you can all feel this. Again, break the old mental patterns and create new ones that the Kundalini, that I am showing you. Retrain your ego mind. Continue on with your work, let nothing or no one distract you from this. Nothing is important but the Kundalini divine and the messages of love and service for others. Help each other, love each other, support each other because times will get rough for all of you and you will all need each other. This is important carry on! Esto es muy importante!!!

The Leaning or Wobbly Table-Analogy

The table represents the ego and the wobbly legs are structural concerns. The leaky top of the table are the ego’s old patterns, no longer able to serve from and causing it to need reinforcement in order for it to function properly or a whole new surface to be installed. The table is a bit unstable and if things are added to the table
Especially things that weigh different amounts in areas that are weak,
It puts a strain on the table which can then wobble or even break, if not reinforced and strengthened In those areas.

The Kundalini will do this with the psychological ego body
When the ego is fragile and wobbly in certain areas
Strains are put on the ego from situations outside of one’s self
For instance and can be used to put this kind of a strain on the ego
Where they can cause the table (ego) to eventually
Or suddenly collapse or break

That is another reason it is so important to trust the divine in all things
In order to strengthen your ego, to re-train your ego
In the areas that need it
We have to first have areas cleared and strengthened by the kundalini in the areas that are weak and unstable
When we do not understand that these things
Are happening for a reason
Inside of the kundalini equation
We get confused, angry and can act out.
Jealousy-mistrust-hurt and other things can occur
And trusting in the divine again is paramount
To place what is needed on the egp where it is needed
For your benefit

The kundalini will put stress on these areas in order to break down the
Old Behavior patterns and get the person ready for ego re structuring
The kundalini will pile things on the table (ego)
In areas where it is weak in order to bring these imperfections out
And to the surface
In order to expose those areas
So they can be cleansed and strengthened
Even if it is seemingly coming from other people it is still coming from the kundalini
That is why the trust in the kundalini process is so important
So that instead of saying “why is this happening to me? Why are these people doing this to me? Why is this person’s behavior bothering me, we can realise that it is in fact our own kundalini
At work doing and setting up these scenarios for us that will help us to evolve and become stronger and better and more forgiving. We are being cleansed of our own imperfections. And yes self correction is also good but to a large extent these collapses must occur.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Daulton Gonzalez is a Kundalini Awakened woman living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She has come to know and identify with her Kundalini Divine Self, as Araña, the Spider. Read more posts by Elizabeth.