(Vision of the Water Rising)

Arana, my Kundalini, has been showing me through a waking vision this week a dam bursting or ready to burst in relation to the fire that I am going through right now with my emotional pain. In the vision the water is rising higher and higher as the pressure continues to build. Situations that the kundalini is bringing up in me in a varied array of situations in my mundane life that are seemingly out of control all around me and surrounding me right now. You could say the wall is getting higher and higher and the pressure is really building up from having all of these scenarios piled on. And in these serious areas of my life and my family. But she is also showing me a dam, that she has placed that is holding strong for now.

When I ask her why is all this being piled on at the same time and if it is just for the burning of the ego or is it to be a strengthening as well? I just feel so tired of it and wonder when it will ever end... I feel like I can not take another single thing in this moment. She tells me that a strengthening is occurring in some areas and a healing for others. I asked her what can I do or what is being asked of me? She answers that there is nothing I should do. That in fact I am to remain quiet and still inside of this and let the healings occur. To try and “do” something would actually go against what is being done by the divine. She asks that I let the dam burst and let the waters wash over me and not to be afraid that I will drown in all of this. You will come out the other side stronger and you must trust that this is so. Take your focus off of the mundane and focus instead on the divine and trust and most of all be patient, quiet and still.

After the vision I was looking at my timeline and saw a quote that had been placed there not sure by whom. And it was this quote:

Remember, you are a child of God. Your divine nature is what you must cultivate. Do not allow your happiness to be conditioned by anything material.
-- Paramahansa Yogananda

Later that evening a friend posted another quote and I felt a twinge from my kundalini. She said her kundalini had mentioned me by name and showed her this quote;

Sometimes waiting for ourselves can be a great act of kindness when we live in a culture where so much premium is placed on speed. It seems that our internal processes and unfoldings cannot be rushed and any attempt to hurry ourselves up can be counter-productive as it activates the defences that are shielding our deeper vulnerabilities and fears. It is as though we need the same attitude of someone sitting at the edge of a woodland, patiently waiting for a shy creature to reveal herself. We need to be quiet and receptive, with a warm invitation in our hearts.

Feeling quiet, still and blessed-thank you Arana, my kundalini <4

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Elizabeth Daulton Gonzalez is a Kundalini Awakened woman living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She has come to know and identify with her Kundalini Divine Self, as Araña, the Spider. Read more posts by Elizabeth.